CO2 Single Trailer

CO2 B-Double

CO2 Single Trailer Quad Axle for New Zealand

CO2 Minibulk Tanker for Air Liquide

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tankers

Metro Engineering offers Carbon Dioxide Tankers in a number of configurations including:-

  • Single trailer - 27000 Litre
  • B-Double - 42500 Litre
  • Road Train - 27000 Litre
  • Skid mount - 2600 - 7000 Litre


  • Stainless Steel, cold stretched vessel to AS 1210 
  • Bolted inspection manway
  • Dual layer fire retardant foam insulation
  • Lightweight aluminum outer skin
  • 3 piece s/s ball valves
  • 3inch Blackmer 3 Phase pump out system 
  • Aluminium under run protection
  • All couplings drive away protected
Quad Axle CO2 Tanker for N.Z.

CO2 Single Trailer for New Zealand - Fitted with twin steer axles at rear