Roundo 3m x 14mm Plate Rolls

 5m x 5m 1000Amp Submerged Arc Welder

  250 Tonne CNC Brake Press

Roundo Section Rolls

Design and Capabilities:

Metro Engineering has full design capability to both design and manufacture cryogenic road tankers to all the relevant Australian Standards. All designs are developed using Solidworks 3D solid modeling software with FEA capability. We also use volumetric weight distribution software to enable accurate axle reactions for each type of product and various fill levels. 

 Our design team has extensive knowledge of all the relevant Standards, thus ensuring that the products offered are fully compliant to operate in the desired environment. Road regulations and limitations are ever changing and Metro Engineering endeavors to keep abreast of these changes to enable maximum payloads to be achieved. Designs are Third Party verified and registered with the relevant regulatory bodies. Metro Engineering manufactures cryogenic road tankers almost solely in-house and some of the equipment used in the manufacturing process includes:

  • Guillotine - Pearson – Capacity 6mm x 3000mm 
  • 2 x Brake presses: - Pearson 3000 x 70 Tonne                                               .                       - Yawei 4100mm x 250 Tonne
  • Plate rollers – Roundo 255 Capacity 3000mm x 14mm 
  • Section Rolls – Roundo R3S Capacity 75 x75 x 10 EA. 
  • Column and Boom welder – Submerged arc with 1000 Amp square wave Lincoln power source. Capacity of boom - 5000mm x 5000mm 
  • Column and Boom welder – Plasma welder with 300 Amp water cooled power source. Capacity 8mm square butt, single pass
  • Tank rotators – Capacity up to 100 Tonnes
  • Leak testing using Helium Mass Spectrometer Hydrostatic testing facilities 
  • Vacuum pumping equipment to pressures 10-8
  • Facility to super insulate vessels up to 52 000 Litres
  • X-Ray quality, purge welding of stainless steel pipes and tubes
  • Compliance with all relevant Australian Standards in relation to Pressure Vessels
  • Dangerous Goods compliance 
  • Full ADR compliance of all road registrable vehicles 
  • Complete turnkey solutions for cryogenic road tankers 
  • Pump and metering systems designed and configured to customer specification 
  • Automotive finishes offered for road tankers 
  • Oxygen cleaning capability where required