LNG B-Double

LNG Single Trailer

LNG Single Trailer

LNG Single Trailer

LNG Tankers

Metro Engineering LNG road tankers offer maximum payload and extensive hold times, to place them at the forefront of LNG tanker manufacturing in Australia. They are fully Dangerous Goods Code compliant, ready for immediate use in Australia. The vessel, fittings, valves and attachments are all designed to ensure maximum longevity and trouble free operation throughout the life of the tanker.

Some of the many features include in the LNG tanker are:

  • Hydraulic driven pump out system
  • Full Dangerous Goods Code compliance
  • Stainless Steel pipework frame
  • Fire safe valves
  • Thermally improved, super insulated vacuum for low boil off rates
  • All couplings are anti-drive away protected
  • Disc brakes fitted with EBS and anti roll over stability
  • Multi volt LED lighting
  • All documentation provided, tanker tested and “ready to use”
  • Complete “Turnkey Solution.”
  • Automotive finish to all paintwork.

LNG Tow hitch for Road Train

 Solidworks render of an LNG Tanker

Stainless Steel side impact protection

LNG gauge and valve layout

Wabco EBS Control Module