Plasma Welder

Long Seam Plasma Welding setup


 Long Seam Welding

Long Seam Welding in action

 Stainless Steel Plasma Welded joint - 5mm thick, square butt

Metro Engineering has invested in Keyhole Plasma Welding Technology, in order to maximise welding efficiency and guarantee unsurpassed quality. This form of welding is unique to Metro Engineering amongst tanker builders in Australia, and we believe gives our tankers an edge in terms of welding integrity.

The process uses a plasma gas stream to cut through the material,while a filler metal is added to form a weld bead. It is a single sided welding process that allows welding of up to 8mm thick material, in a square butt configuration.

Some of the benefits include:-

  • No edge preparation required
  • Single sided welding
  • No back grinding required
  • Minimum heat input
  • Minimum distortion
  • Excellent weld integrity (100% X-Ray quality)
  • Very low impurity levels
  • High welding speed
  • Fully automated process
  • Weld procedure variables easily logged
  • Welds both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel

This process has been utilised by Metro Engineering for over 15 years and has resulted in trouble free welds in our tankers during this time.

Completed Long Seam Weld

Tanker Outer Vessel

Inside bead of Plasma Weld

GTAW (Tig) Pipe Welding

GTAW S/S pipe

Purge welded penetration seam inside pipe


Purge welded penetration seam inside pipe

Metro Engineering employs WTIA ticketed Tig welders, and ensures that all pipe welds are of the highest quality. All butt welds are full penetration butt welds, completed with a purging gas flowing through the inside of the pipe. This ensures that the penetration bead is of a smooth contour, allowing maximum flow rates through the pipe.

Metro Engineering utilises water cooled, pulsed AC/DC welding machines, capable of welding Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Monel and other exotic materials.

GMAW (Mig) Welding

Metro Engineering utilises water cooled Pulsed GMAW welding machines. These machines apply welds that are spatter free, with excellent edge wetting properties and minimal heat input. These qualities ensure that welds performed by this process are of the highest integrity and keep distortion to a minimum.

PulsedGMAW of stiffening rings inside tanker (Close up)

PulsedGMAW of stiffening rings inside tanker